Brough Brothers

Brough Brothers

Brough Brothers


A medium body flavor featuring fruity notes of green apple and pear. It also has subtle hints of ginger and nutmeg. Featuring a golden honey color.

On the nose, attractive floral aromas of in bloom red roses with fragrant apples, and nutmeg.


About the Owner(s)

Victor, Bryson, and Christian Yarbrough

Kentucky -born co-founders and brothers Victor, Bryson, and Christian Yarbrough started from humble beginnings in Louisville West end, where they learned early about hard work and dedication.

They took those lessons, traveled the globe, and brought their newfound knowledge of the spirits industry back to Kentucky, where the vision for Brough Brothers was established. Through Brough Brothers, the Yarbrough plan to make a positive and lasting impact through job creation and economic development within their local and global communities.