Majesty Bourbon

Majesty Bourbon

Majesty Bourbon


A product of the fabulous state of Georgia, Majesty Bourbon is solidly entrenched as a premium bourbon choice of the Peach State.

An absolute showcase of flavor without the bite, Majesty's 80-proof offering has a medium sweet nose with light vanilla and caramel notes, finishing with just a hint of wood and spice.

The experience is mellow, but not tranquil while providing the finish most bourbon drinkers prefer. Exceptionalism is the goal of the Majesty Bourbon team, and with this offering, they have achieved it.


About the Owner(s)

Jonathan Gilliard

An Atlanta, GA native, Posh Beverage Company Founder and CEO Jonathan Gillard has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years. Jonathan's business relationships and expertise has help make Posh Beverage Company, LLC into one of the fastest growing, fully independent, alcoholic beverage companies in the South.