Equiano Rum


Equiano Rum


Equiano Rum is a new and unique blend of Caribbean and African rum in a partnership between the Foursquare and Gray's distillery. This partnership combines rums that have been aged in ex-bourbon barrel and ex-cognac cask.

Tasting Notes

Nose: vanilla extract, butterscotch, orange and sweet tobacco. Scents of banana fosters

Palate: huge baking spices, cooked bananas, thick hot (chili) honey.

Tasting Notes provided by Felix from Bars and Cigars.


About the Owner(s)

Ian Burrell

In June 2020, Ian Burrell introduced Equiano Rum, a premium blend of African and Caribbean liquids, to the United states. It?s the first of its kind in the category, bringing together two distinct rum cultures, distilleries, and island nations of the East and West.

Burrell?s journey from rum enthusiast to brand ownership has hardly been a straight line: Like the product he now champions, it charted a path across distant points of the planet.