Islandjon New Richey Reserve


Islandjon New Richey Reserve


IslandJon New Richey Reserve is remarkably crafted to appeal to bourbon enthusiasts and vodka connoisseurs alike, neat or on the rocks.

Masterfully produced without compromise using age-old yeast techniques and a one-of-a-kind coconut husk filtration process, IslandJon New Richey Reserve features a uniquely complex flavor profile fit for any occasion.


About the Owner(s)

Kevin and Levi John

Father-son founders Levi and Kevin John have produced a high-quality, award-winning sipping vodka that celebrates the authentic lifestyle and inspiring, tropical landscapes of the Caribbean, a drink that encapsulates an inclusive state of mind, a festive culture, and the very essence of the islands


*Includes black-owned and non-black-owned locations

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